Top 8 Best Heart Rate Monitor Apps

Everyone knows the importance of staying healthy, especially the elderly. But do you know how you can monitor your heart rate to avoid heart disease and stay healthy and fit?

Here comes inspiring news! You can just use your smart phone with its camera and flash alone to monitor your heart rate. There are many apps which may be helpful to monitor your health.

First let us understand what a Normal Heart Rate is. It is known to us that heart rate, or pulse, is the number of times a person’s heart beats per minute. A normal heart rate depends on the individual, age, body size and heart conditions. A normal range of heart rate for adults is 60 to 100 beats per minute, while a well-trained athlete may have a resting heart rate of 40 to 60 beats per minute.

Your pulse can help get a picture of your health. If you’re on a beta blocker to decrease your heart rate or to control an abnormal rhythm, your doctor may ask you to monitor and log your heart rate. If your pulse is very low or if you feel weak or dizzy or faint due to unexplained fast heart rates, tell your doctor as soon as possible, who can decide if it’s emergent for you.

Then what are the best heart rate monitoring apps? Here is a list of best heart rate monitor apps (android/iPhone) that you can choose from as per your convenience and need.

  1. Heart Beat Rate (Android)

It is a medical app for measuring and monitoring your heart beat. It tells you the results per min by using your smart phone’s internal motion sensors. It also shows cardiograph on screen.

You can use it to check your activeness, sickness, fitness, mood, health and more. You can measure it in different times to know and improve your efficiency.

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  1. Cardiio: Heart Rate Monitor (iPhone)

By using Cardiio Heart Rate Monitor, you can measure your heart rate easily and accurately! You can learn the relationship between the heart rate number and your fitness, and then workout effectively.

It also tracks your performance, as there is personal dashboard with history (daily, weekly, and monthly) and you can save, edit and export your data.

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  1. Accurate Heart Rate Monitor (Android)

It is one of the simplest yet the most accurate apps to monitor your heart rate. It is free with unlimited recordings.

It can automatically calculate your target heart rate for the best workout and exercise results.

It supports all heart rate zones, such as extreme/peak, cardio, fat burn, warm up, resting.

It is helpful for interval training, cardio training, CrossFit, cycling, running and weight control.

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  1. Qardio (iPhone)

Qardio is regarded as one of the best heart rate monitor apps iPhone this year, because it has best rating. To date, a large number of users have downloaded the app.

Qardio can work together with CardioArm. It can track more metrics than other apps including blood pressure, weight, BMI, body composition, ECG, heart rate, and calories.

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  1. Instant Heart Rate (iPhone/Android)

Millions of people have given it the best ratings and consider it as the best heart rate monitor app Android/iPhone 2019.

By using the app, you can track your heart rate easily and accurately. It also provides you with an unlimited data storage, Graphs and tests.

  1. iHeart – Heart Rate Monitor (iPhone)

The app helps you accurately monitor your heart rate, and transforms your data into charts. You don’t need a heart rate monitor or smartwatch to take your pulse — the app can do it with your phone.

So it is simple to track your heart rate performance and heart health.

It can measure your heart rate (heartbeat, BPM and pulse rate) instantly and check your stress level, without limit. It can tag measurements and track your performance and offer detailed analytics reports for your heart health. It saves heart rate history, so you can check it out easily.

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  1. Runtastic Heart Rate Monitor (iPhone/Android)

It has been given best ratings by its users and is considered a perfect heart rate monitor app Android 2019. You can transmit heart rate data without additional adapters via Bluetooth Smart technology by using it.

Whether you want to lose weight or train for a marathon, you can use it to learn about your heart rate during your workout and keep it in the right heart rate zone to help you reach your fitness goals faster.

  1. Pulse-Heart Rate Monitor (Android)

The app uses camera and flash to calculate your heart rate by processing the images of highlighted blood of your finger. It generates PPG graph and calculates heart rate based on that.

It saves results after measurement and provides personalized recommendations based on your age and resting heart rate.


Tracking your heart rate can be a great way to monitor your heart health, and thanks to smartphones, it has been so easy to achieve this. The apps listed above are the best heart monitoring apps 2019 that you can choose from to monitor your heart rate and enhance your health. If you find the article useful, then please give us a like, share with your friends or leave a comment to tell us the most beneficial apps in your mind.

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