Photolift Face & Body Editor

Photolift is a magical photo editing tool to reshape your body without need for exercising. If you don’t have any spare time for fitness but you want to have wonderful abs or chest, this magical app will help you to have them all. It is an excellent tool for editing your photos for your Instagram account, Facebook profile or posts for many other social media platforms.

It is so easy to create your dream appearence and look s-e-x-y in seconds with Photolift which offers simple and enjoyable user interface, and continuosly renewed and developed content. With Photolift you can easily create your own style by trying trendy hair and beard styles, tattoes, eyeglasses, hats and many more accessories on you.

Some excellent features of the Photolift application:

Ability to have realistic muscles with a few touch,

Various hair and beard styles to apply,

Numerious accessories, hats, glasses, neckwears and many more to try on,

Selection from hundreds of tattoo styles with ability to fine adjust to any type of body,

Various crop options for social media and wallpapers

Professional photo filters, and adjustment options to polish your photos

High resolution output – Various options to save and share your work Now start recreating yourself or anybody you like!

Download Photolift for Android

Download Photolift for iOS

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