About Us

Shenzhen Social E-Commerce Co., Ltd. is the premier online retailer of high-quality products for the kitchen and home, pets, makeup accessories for global market. Our family of online stores is among the best known and respected in the industry.

Shenzhen Social E-Commerce Co., Ltd. has evolved from a fledging startup to a multimillion-dollar online retailer as a result of a hard-working and creative team.

Our team of expert finders are scouring the globe throughout the year for the most creative, interesting, fashionable merchandise from big brands, designers and artisans alike – and delivering to our shoppers an exceptional value.

We develop, customize and execute media campaigns to our online shops with our social media experts and in-house creative teams. We proactively maximize our campaign yield by continually testing hundreds of ad permutations. Our experienced media buying team execute media plan according to the targets and optimize towards the quality metrics. We match campaign needs with the right sources to ensure efficient campaign execution along with user engagement optimization through real-time performance data analysis.